While braces and Invisalign are quite common among teenagers and even adults nowadays, there are several questions that still arise regarding treatment. In order to ensure that patients are well-informed, your Rancho Santa Margarita orthodontist offers important information about braces.

Cost Varies

Depending on the orthodontic provider and your unique orthodontic needs, the cost of braces will vary. Typically, treatment may range anywhere from $3,000-6,000. Because we value quality orthodontic treatment for all, our Rancho Santa Margarita team offers zero interest payment arrangements. We also offer discounts for multiple family members, as well as paying in full. For more information, visit our Patient Info page.

Treatment Length

In general, the braces treatment period lasts about two years. During this time, you will schedule follow-up appointments for your orthodontist to adjust your braces and monitor your progress. Adherence to the suggested foods, rubber band use (if applicable), and/or frequency of use (with Invisalign) can help you avoid prolonging your treatment time. As always, treatment length can vary across patients, based on their specific needs. Schedule an appointment with your Rancho Santa Margarita orthodontist to learn about your individual treatment plan.

Adjustment Period

After you receive braces, whether traditional or Invisalign, you will need some time to adjust to the change. Initially, you may experience some discomfort or soreness. This can be alleviated through over the counter painkillers, and the pain should fade within a couple days. Additionally, you may experience difficulty talking like normal, since your body is not used to having these new objects in its mouth. With time, your body will adjust, and you will talk and feel like normal.

Importance Of Dental Hygiene

When you get braces, your dental hygiene routine becomes more important than ever. Food can be easily hid between wires and brackets, allowing for sugar and acid to break down your enamel before you clean them successfully. Brushing frequently, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash can help you prevent extra dental costs when you remove your braces. Because Invisalign and Invisalign teen aligners are removable, the same dental hygiene obstacles are not in place. However, it is still vital to maintain a rigorous hygiene routine. Your Rancho Santa Margarita orthodontist can teach you modified ways to clean your teeth, working around braces.

Visit Your Rancho Santa Margarita Orthodontist

Braces, whether traditional or Invisalign, are a major step towards the smile of your dreams. Let us help you move towards that smile. If you are interested in braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign teen in the Coto De Caza or Trabuco Canyon area, contact our office. We look forward to serving you.