Clear Aligner Treatment Orange County

Advancements in computer technology have led to amazing 3-D computer graphics to create a series of clear alignment trays for straight teeth that move your teeth into their desired permanent position. Our patients want a beautiful smile and a treatment that is convenient, reliable and offers excellent aesthetics. We want treatment to meet our patient’s needs but also provide control, flexibility and choice. The advanced analytics and software planning tools provide Dr. Cook with the control needed to plan treatment. There are many benefits to wearing clear aligners that include:

  • They provide a smooth, comfortable feel
  • There aren’t any food restrictions because aligners are removed to eat
  • They are easy to clean and care for
  • They are discreet and virtually invisible
  • The aligners won’t scratch or irritate the inside of your mouth like braces do

Depending on a patient’s unique situation, Dr. Cook may recommend 12 or 24 stages of aligners depending on what the treatment goals are.  Typically aligners are worn for 10-14 days at a time.  We encourage our patients to think of aligners as braces on their teeth that need to be worn as much as possible to be effective.